The Eisenhower Innovation project will invest in new classroom furniture and a new innovation/maker space. The school's current furniture is heavy and bulky and hard to move. The new furniture is intended to support flexibility in instruction by allowing teachers and students to reconfigure learning spaces easily depending on instructional needs. The maker space will give kids a place where they can create and inquire. The project aligns with two of BVSD's six Innovation Guiding Principles: Learning is a Social Process and Learning is Personalized and Learner Led.

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Project Description

To develop the school's project, staff worked together to develop responses to the following guiding questions. 

1. Briefly describe the project that you plan to implement with your Innovation Funds.

Eisenhower would like to invest our Innovation Funds in purchasing new classroom furniture for our classrooms. The furniture that we have in our school is very stationary, bulky and is very hard to move. It doesn’t allow for us to leverage the space that we have being an open school design. We would hope that the new furniture would remove these barriers that we currently face and would better allow our teachers and students to use a variety of instructional modalities based on student need.

With the funds that we have remaining, we would like to consider how we might leverage them to create an Innovation room. These funds would be used to equip the space with furniture and perhaps running the electrical ceiling drops to make the space functional as we anticipate we will use electronics in the space. We would also need some of the funds to purchase storage for the MakerSpace materials. Our staff would like to move forward from the creation of the space with considering instructional needs/shifts that could happen as a result of the construction of our Innovation Room.

2. How will you involve stakeholders in the decision-making process concerning the use of the innovation funds for your site?  

We created an Innovation Committee that met outside of the DAT to research and plan how we might use our funds. The DAT was also involved in discussions about the Innovation funds in the spring of 2017. Our Innovation team toured various sites and met with the Director of Educational Innovation to decide how we might best invest the funds to have the largest impact on teachers and students in the building.

3. How does your project support The Success Effect? (BVSD's Strategic Plan-Mission/Vision/Goals)

The new classroom furniture will help support district goal #1 in meeting the unique needs of each student.  It will provide students with an opportunity to have a variety of sitting and standing options that support individual learning needs. It will also give our teachers greater flexibility in instruction by allowing them easily work with small and large groups. We also hope to provide more opportunities for students to learn from each other through peer collaboration in these spaces, empowering students to support the unique learning needs of each child.

Our project will support engaging learning opportunities for all students to thrive.  Each space is designed to enhance and ensure that every student meets or exceeds appropriate expectations relative to intellectual growth, physical development, and social-emotional well-being.

4. Review the Innovation Guiding Principles and discuss with your stakeholders. How will your project align with one or more of the guiding principles?

With the new classroom furniture, we plan to align instruction with the Innovation Guiding Principle of “Learning is a Social Process”. Collaboration between teachers, between students and between students and teachers is a primary focus of our decision to use the funds for new furniture. We see many opportunities to increase opportunities for collaboration due to the flexibility and adaptability that will be made possible by the installation of the new furniture.

In the Innovation Room, we hope to align our work to the Innovation Guiding Principle of “Learning is Personalized and Learner Led” by allowing students to have voice and choice in how they engage in their learning through making, creating and inquiring. By creating a space where students can create products, we hope to be able to have students demonstrate mastery of their learning in a variety of ways.

5. Determine what your learning outcomes are for your innovation project. What will happen as a result of this innovation?

To align with the guiding principle of Learning is a Social Process for the new classroom furniture:

  • Students will work respectfully, collaboratively and effectively to meet instructional objectives. (3f)
  • Teachers will present and adapt instruction that actively engages and motivates students (3a)

To align with the guiding principle of Learning is Personalized and Learner Led with our new Innovation Space:

  • Students will select challenging content or activities when given the choice in order to stretch their skills. (2c)
  • Teachers will allow for a lesson structure with different pathways to learning outcomes according to student needs (3b)

6. Determine how you will measure the progress towards and achievement of your learning outcome. What is your plan for gathering data to show that the change is positively impacting learning at your site?

In order to measure the student outcome (3f), we can use Educator Effectiveness data as a quantitative to determine progress towards growth. We also plan to use student surveys, student observations and informal conversations to gather qualitative data towards our growth in these outcomes. To measure teacher outcomes, we can use teacher surveys, examples and exemplars of how to use the furniture, conversations about how it increases collaboration.

In order to measure our growth towards the student outcome (2c), we can use Educator Effectiveness data as a quantitative measurement. We will also collect samples of student work that demonstrate how our students are making choices that push their thinking and challenge them to stretch their skills. Teachers will measure outcome through surveys on how it is used and what they would want to make space more usable.

7. What professional learning and support might your staff might need in order to reach the desired learning outcomes for the space?

  • We will send a team to participate in the Innovation Cohort during the 2018-19 SY

  • We will need support on using the furniture in flexible, innovative ways

  • We will need support and professional learning around MakerSpaces and how we might plan and instruct in this space.

  • Ideas on what MakerSpace projects and curricular connections.