In its Innovation Project, the school created a flexible learning space in a central area of the building. This space extends from the library into an academic area and corridor. The new space includes large and small group collaborative learning areas with flexible arrangement of open learning environments. Technology is integrated in the space allowing for wireless connectivity and multi-­modal presentations. Adjacent to the area is a collaboration space for staff. The project aligns with two of BVSD's six Innovation Guiding Principles: Learning is Founded in Inquiry and Learning is a Social Process.

Results - Impact on Learning

During the first school year the new space was used, educators were asked to monitor and track growth towards the outcomes identified in their project plan and present the findings in a digital story.  The story was framed by the question, "How is innovation shifting the story of learning at our school?" 

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Project Photos

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Project Description

To develop the school's project, staff worked together to develop responses to the following guiding questions: 

1. Briefly describe the project that you plan to implement with your Innovation Funds.

We plan to create a flexible learning space in a central and open area of the building. This space will expand/extend from current library and into academic area and corridor. Space will include large group and small groups collaborative learning areas with flexible arrangement of open learning environments. Technology integration in form of multi-modal presentation. Collaborative staff area to promote central collaborative structure.

2. How will you involve stakeholders in the decision making process concerning the use of the innovation funds for your site?

We have involved our Design Advisory Team (DAT) and smaller teacher specific groups. Our DAT includes community members, parents, teacher, media specialist. Teachers have solicited feedback from students in their representation.  

3. How does your project support The Success Effect? (BVSD's Strategic Plan-Mission/Vision/Goals)

We have shared our school Vision and Mission (aligned to Success Effect) as a guiding foundation to DAT. Specifically, we believe this will be a learning space where kids will be able to "create challenging, meaningful and engaging learning opportunities" outside of the traditional 4-wall classroom structure. This space will also allow for the environment to promote an "innovative approach to education and move forward as "successful, curious, lifelong learners."

4. Review the Innovation Guiding Principles and discuss with your stakeholders. How will your project align to one or more of the guiding principles?

Founded in inquiry - This environment will facilitate instruction aligned with deepening critical thinking skills. Students will be able to come together to make connections across discipline and larger learning themes. This environment will encourage active engagement as a motivating physical space for students. Teachers will be encouraged to function as a facilitator of learning and use instruction question techniques to engage students.

The environment will engage with this space to facilitate learning as a social process for students and staff. Students can interact with the environment to work respectfully, collaboratively, and effectively to meet instructional objectives. Teachers can interact with the environment to collaboratively work with colleagues to formally and informally share ideas to improve teaching and learning.

5. Determine what your learning outcomes are for your innovation. What will happen as a result of this innovation?

Students will learn through collaboration - reading, writing, speaking, listening, presenting to create learning.

Staff will collaborate in an open environment to build interdisciplinary components to instruction. The curriculum will be connected between disciplines to support learning in all areas. 

6. Determine how you will measure the progress towards and achievement of your learning outcome. What is your plan for gathering data to show that the change is positively impacting learning at your site?

Qualitative data: Anecdotal survey data from teachers to determine the impact on increasing opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary connections. Educator effectiveness data - improved practice related to Teacher Standards 1e, 3d, 4b, 5a.

Quantitative data: Survey data from students measuring outcomes collaborative learning in adding a social use as an open welcoming and safe place to be. Educator effectiveness data - improved practice related to Teacher Standards 1e, 3d, 4b, 5a. Percentage of time that the spaces are actively utilized for social and/or instructional purposes.

7. What professional learning and support might your staff might need in order to reach the desired learning outcomes for the space?

Substantial and explicit learning and development on the efficient and effective use of flexible learning spaces. Staff will learn how to integrate their inquiry-based and collaborative learning structures in this open and flexible environment, beyond the traditional.