Boulder High School used its innovation funds to remodel the library into a Curiosity Center that benefits the entire school and potentially the community. The goal is to create a space that is appealing to and used by all members of the student body.

The remodeled space has areas where students can work alone or in groups of one or two or even more. Furniture is comfortable and easily moved so it can quickly be set up in a variety of configurations. Technology supports learning throughout the space with WiFi connectivity and several large, wall-mounted monitors for accessing the Internet together or presenting student work.

The Curiosity Center will combine the library space with the cafeteria to create a space that is the heart of the school. The project aligns with two of BVSD's Innovation Guiding Principles: "Learning is Founded in Inquiry" and "Learning is a Social Process."

Results - Impact on Learning

During the first school year the new space was used, educators were asked to monitor and track growth towards the outcomes identified in their project plan and present the findings in a digital story.  The story was framed by the question, "How is innovation shifting the story of learning at our school?"


Project Photos

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Project Description

To develop the school's project, staff worked together to develop responses to the following guiding questions: 

1. Briefly describe the project that you plan to implement with your Innovation Funds.

BHS would like to use their innovation funds to remodel their library into a Curiosity Center that would impact
the entire school and potentially community. Our goal is to have the library accessed as a reflected by the
school demographics. We envision the Curiosity Center combining with the cafeteria in order to create a
heart space for the school. We are hoping to utilize the funds to purchase FF&E to equip the space (new
desk space, new work spaces (collaborative) for students, IT wiring/internet access and to cover any
construction costs that may incur (flooring, paint, etc, converting the current computer lab into a learning
studio space)

2. How will you involve stakeholders in the decision making process concerning the use of the innovation funds for your site?

The planning for this project has been collaboratively designed with the Design Advisory Team (DAT) and department focus groups. The members of the DAT are sharing with their departments.

3. How does your project support The Success Effect? (BVSD's Strategic Plan-Mission/Vision/Goals)

We see alignment to the mission in that the space will allow students "to create challenging, meaningful and
engaging learning opportunities so that all children thrive and are prepared for successful, civically engaged

We also hope that it will support progress toward Value #2 "Societal inequities and unique learning needs
will not be barriers to student success."

4. Review the Innovation Guiding Principles and discuss with your stakeholders. How will your project align to one or more of the guiding principles?

It aligns to the "Learning is founded in inquiry" in that the space will encourage interactions between all different sizes of groups. We anticipate that it will give students greater access to resources to explore and research. It will also allow them to interact with each other and develop their critical thinking skills. 

In alignment to the "Learning is a Social Process" we hope that it will encourage interactions between all sorts of student groups (demographically). This interaction between students will foster a climate and culture of welcoming and acceptance amongst students and community members.

5. Determine what your learning outcomes are for your innovation. What will happen as a result of this innovation?

#1:  In alignment to the "Learning is Founded in Inquiring" Guiding Principle, Learners will:
  • Deepen critical thinking skills (3d)
  • Actively participate in a culture of inquiry (5b)
#2:  In alignment to the "Learning is a Social Process", Boulder High School will see a positive impact on the
climate and culture in relation to the learning experience.

6. Determine how you will measure the progress towards and achievement of your learning outcome. What is your plan for gathering data to show that the change is positively impacting learning at your site?

For outcome number 1, we will use Educator Effectiveness data from standards 3d and 5b to collect quantitative data. For outcome number 2, we will use qualitative data in the forms of student/staff surveys, photos documentation of the use of the space, and anecdotal information from conversations with students. 

7. What professional learning and support might your staff might need in order to reach the desired learning outcomes for the space?

Professional development on inquiry-based/project-based learning as well as support and resources for best practices around technology use in the space.