​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How we got here​​

Over a period of two years, district staff and the Capital Improvement Planning Committee​ (CIPC)​ completed a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of district facilities to identify capital improvement needs. The data collected was used to update the Educational Facilities Master Plan​ which will be the guiding document for the district's long term capital improvement planning. 

Board Meeting Action Item | August 12, 2014
​The Board of Education approved the Educational Facilities Master Plan​ ​​and a resolution ​placing a question on the November 2014 ballot asking voters to authorize BVSD to sell bonds totaling $576M to fund capital improvements to all schools. BVSD's Educational Facility Master Plan describes a strategy to address the need for facility improvements and capital investments to support current and future educational programs. It also provides the community with objective information about the district's facilities. 

Superintendent's Blog| August 2014

​At a special study session on June 17, the board of education endorsed the superintendent’s recommendation to put a question on the ballot in November to authorize the school district to incur debt to fund $576M in capital improvements. This is the full amount of the priority three package developed by CIPC. Over the summer, staff will develop the full Educational Facility Master Plan and a resolution with specific ballot language for the board to consider in August.

CIPC Priority Packages​

Board Meeting Study Item​​ | June 10, 2014
​The Capital Improvement Planning Committee identified $576 million in capital improvement needs for the district which were presented to the board in three prioritized packages at the May 20 work session. The board will continue its discussion from the May 27 meeting​ of the superintendent’s recommendation to consider including all of the CIPC identified needs in the Educational Facility Master Plan. In August, staff will present to the board for approval the Educational Facility Master Plan which will provide school by school detail of capital construction needs. At that time, the board may direct staff to develop a resolution to authorize a bond measure ballot question for the November 2014 election.​

​Board Meeting Study Item​​ | May 27, 2014
​At the May 27 regular board meeting​, the superintendent recommended​ the board consider the largest of three prioritized packages of capital construction needs identified by the Capital Improvement Planning Committee totaling $576 million for inclusion in the Educational Facility Master Plan. Follow the link above to watch a video of the meeting. 

Superintendent makes capital improvement recommendation ​| Inside BVSD newsletter, May 27, 2014​

​​On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the board engaged in a work session​ with staff to discuss the inventory of capital improvement needs identified by the Capital Improvement Planning Committee. 

​Community Values Meetings

In April 2014, Boulder Valley School District hosted a series of seven community meetings to allow members of the community the opportunity to provide input and help shape the district’s Educational Facility Master Plan. In the meetings, participants were given information about the district’s facilities and the effort to inventory capital improvement needs. Then participants were asked to share their thoughts about what they value in BVSD school buildings via survey and small group discussion.

Meetings were held in the district’s comprehensive high schools in Nederland, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville and Broomfield. Spanish interpreters were provided at two meetings and one meeting was conducted entirely in Spanish. 

BVSD also provided an opportunity for community members to share their thoughts online via BVSDListens. 

See results of the meetings and online survey below: 

The following presentation was given at the community meetings and provides more information about the capital improvement planning process and the needs identified by BVSD staff and the Capital Improvement Planning Committee: ​ 

Community Values Meetings Presentation

​CIPC presents update to the board of education
November 12, 2013

At its regular meeting on November 12, CIPC co-chairs presented an update of the work of the committee and status of the effort to update the Educational Facilities Master Plan. 


BVSD Planning and Engineering staff are 18 months into the effort to inventory capital improvement needs throughout the district. This effort has included onsite inspection as well as interviews with principals and maintenance staff. The process includes both an assessment of the physical condition of facilities as well as an evaluation of the functional effectiveness (educational adequacy). 

In addition to the work of staff, CIPC established six subcommittees to take a closer look at additional topics which are beyond the scope of individual schools. The subcommittees developed specific recommendations which will be presented to the whole committee in late 2013 and early 2014. 

View the entire re​port to the board of education​ (Information item B)  

​Board appoints Capital Improvement Planning Committee (CIPC) members
April 9, 2013

At its regular meeting on April 9, the board of education created the Capital Improvement Planning Committee. The 30-member​ committee will work with district staff on updating the Educational Facilities Master Plan.

The membership roster​ represents every community and director district in BVSD as well as a broad cross section of professional experience and age range. Among the staff member representatives are principals from each school level, a teacher and classified staff. The proposed list of candidates represents the demographics of the district and is well qualified to offer constructive input, provide insight into community priorities and act as ambassadors in the community.

The district received applications from 50 interested community members and 12 staff members. The pool of candidates is impressive in the level of professional experience and education as well as the commitment to community service. 

The master plan will be the guiding document for the district’s long term capital improvement planning and also may become the basis for a future Bond measure. Staff anticipates the master plan will be presented to the board next spring.

Board confirms facility assessment work plan 

In a progress report presented to the board of education in January 2013, staff provided an update on the status of the facility assessmet work and outlined ways the community will be able to participate throughout the process.  ​​​​​




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